Best Fertilizer Spreader for 2016 – Reviews of the Top Rated Broadcast Spreaders

Top Rated Fertilizer Spreaders for 2015Spreading grass seed or fertilizer pellets by hand can take a really long time, and not provide the even spread that a mechanical broadcast spreader can provide.

This is why we recommend paying a good price for a quality spreader that will last for many fertilizing seasons. The spreaders that are being reviewed are the ones we consider the best based on price, quality, and design.

Choosing the Correct Style Fertilizer Spreader

When looking for a grass seed or fertilizer spreader, the first thing to do is get a plan. Find out how big your yard is. Does your property have lots of hills or is it relatively flat? Do you have very much sunshine or does your grass stay shaded? What part of the country do you live in? Once you answer these questions you can come up with a game plan. This will help determine the right style and model broadcast spreader for your lawn.

The main styles are:

  1. Tow Behind Drop Spreader – If you are fertilizing a large yard or field then you will want to check out a tow behind drop spreader that allows you to pull the unit from behind a tractor, lawnmower, or ATV. This makes spreading a breeze, and they are relatively inexpensive compared to most farming equipment.
  2. Handheld – This will help you spread your fertilizer when tackling a small yard project. Most handhelds will hold enough fertilizer to handle 500 to 1,000 square feet at one time. While it can take more time to fertilize or seed the yard, a handheld device can save money and still provide an even spread.
  3. Broadcast Spreaders for the Home – These are the push style spreaders that usually have wheels on them and use a mechanical or gravity fed device in order to distribute fertilizer or seed. These models are recommended for anybody with over 1 acre of land.

Top Rated Broadcast Spreaders on the Market for 2016

The following are ranked as the best in their class. These are the top of the line and provide a great bang for your buck. The first style

Best Tow Behind Drop Spreader:

 Agri-Fab 45-0463 SmartSpreader 130 Lb Max

Best Tow Behind Spreader

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If you have a 4 wheeler or a tractor that you can use, then this is the model that I recommend. It is constructed of high grade materials, and I personally use it on my 2 acre property and I love it. It has smart settings that only put out the amount of fertilizer that you want it to. The unit came unassembled but it was no problem to put it together. It is usually sold for over $200, but you can get it now on Amazon for under that. That includes free shipping to your door. That beats driving to Lowes or Home Depot and picking it up any day!

Best Ranked Manual / Handheld Seed or Fertilizer Spreader:

There are several popular manual style spreading tools that you can hold in your hand available to choose from.

Chapin 84150 Poly Hand Crank Spreader

Chapin 84150 Crank Spreader Review

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The  Chapin 84150 was chosen as the best hand crank spreader on the market because it is priced cheap, has large bin to hold your supply, and works good for small yards. I have one and use it for melting ice on that is sitting on my driveway. I just pour some salt in and go over my driveway. Sometimes fertilizer gets clogged in the spinning mechanism from time to time, but shaking and hitting the side of it seems to free it up. All in all it is a great little tool for the price.

Number 1 Rated Home Broadcast Spreader:

Earthway 2150 Commercial 50lb Spreader

Earthway 2150 Home Spreader Review

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The Earthway 2150 gets the top mark in our home broadcast spreader rankings because it really is awesome. I talked a friend of mine into buying one. I couldn’t buy it because I already have too many, but wanted to try it out! It comes in under $200. That includes free shipping to the door. As you can see from the picture, this thing spreads seeds in a wide radius. This saves so much time that I am considering selling the ones I have and buying this one. He has had it for over a year and spreads seeds, fertilizer and ice with it. His son even started a part time job fertilizing his neighbors yards with it. It gets 5 stars from me.

 No matter which model you decide to purchase, all of them are top quality and will provide years of excellent lawn care.